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Salvadore Dali
Gala, his wife, as Madona


MEFTA is about hegemony
Middle East wars are about hegemony

The neoliberals are still in power, because banking is the power behind our politicans.  It just now wears a more humane face.  Obama given our times is not a Roosevelt, and he is continuing (as Hoover did) with the policies that brought about the great depression


http://www.freedocumentaries.org/film.php?id=214 on the Federal Reserve banking system, and their power.  One cannot understand U.S. government’s relationship with the business sectors, or U.S. foreign policy without understanding the role of the Federal Reserve and foreignr national-banking systems.  They are the foundation of the 3-headed Hydra, the IMF, WTO and World Bank. 


Things to be skeptical about:  all aspects concerning religion including "knowledge" about their gods, their historical "facts" about their origins, miracles, theology, wisdom and morality.  All claims involving the incoporeal such as in spiritualism, parapsychology, soul, & holistic   "medicine".  Claims where personal gains are in conflict with an accurate assessment and there is ineffective review, such research by the pharmaceutical industry, product claims by corporations, public statements by attorneys and politicians, etc.  Media information where they serve a corporate or government master.  You put garbage in you get garbage out.  Propaganda works.  We are a plyable species. 

These areas are all analyzed in this website.  In addition there is a fundamental concern for human well being, which includes topics on economic, utopia, rational skills, and scientific psychology.

Ganesh, the son of Shiva & Parvati
Ganesh is the patron of letters and learning


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#7  TABLE OF CONTENTS skeptically, 40 topics, over 1,000 articles,  averages over 5,000 pages downloaded per day   A


#201 TABLE OF CONTENTS FOR CURRENT NEWS ISSUES, Current month’s political news, economic, and international news —over 900 pages downloaded per day A


#31  TABLE OF CONTENTS healthfully, 1,500 evidence based medical articles organized by topics over 1,200 pages downloaded per day.  Sections on worst drugs and the games PhARMA plays to maximize profits, including misinformation about aspirin and hormones   A


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#125 The Crash On the economic collapse; # 151 The Depression   A


#1 Enlightenment, our favorites, the flagship articles    A


#209  THE ARTISTS, bios and samples of their art  A


Skeptical sites:

#1   Enlightenment, collection of the best   A

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#6   Thinkers on Religion   A

#9   Spiritualism

#17  Quackery

#19  Skepticism

#29  For skeptics

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#102 Quacks, theories & practice


Religious sites:

#1     Enlightenment  A

#5     Cartoons Mostly Religious

#6     Thinkers on Religion  A

#10   Literary Works on Religion

#8     Old Testament Analysis

#26   Ancient Sacred Works of the Hebrews

#15   Christian Apocrypha and Essays

#16   New Testament

#18   Against Religious foolishness   A

#20   Ancient Sacred Works of the Christians

#22   Christianity

#24   Bible Studies

#107 Holy Horrors

#109 Philosophy & religion

#9     Spiritualism

Political-economic sites:

#111 World Trade, World Bank, Privatization  A

#123 Neoliberalism at Work  A

#125 The Crash A

#131 The Depression

#133 Banking History &  Effects

#135 Globalization

#136 Populism

#106 Economics    A

#119 Economic Developments  A

#121 Economics the Dismal Science

#132 Economic Graphs  A

#23  Critical of Capitalism  A

#116 OIL  A

#128 Terrorism Hegemony

#126 Corporate system

#139 Government Sold Off

#129 Obama Watch

#134 Democrats Obama

#21  Muckraking Political Articles

#103 Parliament of Whores  A

#104 Government, Presidency, Congress, Courts

#117 Federal Court System

#12   Penal System

#28   Nuclear War Threat  A

#118 Iraq war & Wars A

#127  Military War  

#138 Genocides

#140 Education dismantled

#120 Election Reform  A

#124 Managed-Corporate Press

#2    Utopia  A

#14   Labor  A

#41   Medical Business Abuses

#130 Big Pharma at Work

#25  Bush Bashing

#112 Bush Watch   A


Utopia, ethics, happiness, misc. sites:

#2    Utopia  A

#3    Utilitarianism   A

#5    Cartoons & satire

#7    Website contents

#101 Links & quotes

#27  Recreational drugs   A

#110 Recreational drug research  A

#105 Scientific psychology

#108 Psychoanalysis, their weird theories

#114 B.F. Skinner, works and life

#113 Environmental & animals

#137 Food Inc.

#115 Ethics humanistic

#122 Pod casts & u-tube  A


JK’s Poetry, Satire &

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#32  Short stories, etc.

#33  Satire

#34  Rhymed poems

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This site goes where the Encyclopedia Britannica won't:  to materials that debunks popular delusions


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Ganesh, patron of letters and learning
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As Socrates taught:  we all pursue the good, only we are very misinformed as to what good is.  The purpose of this site is to see more clearly.

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Don't believe in the gods of the common people, for their reports about them are many and contradictiory--Epicurus

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Meditate upon pleasrue, for without it we do all to get it back--Epicurus
Original sin is the difference between your pleasures and my pleasures--B.F. Skinner

The skeptic is one who judges all things according to the evidence.  Many things are widely affirmed by the common herd in a degree well beyond what the evidence supports.  The humanistic skeptic applies a second measure, that of  harm resulting from such beliefs.  Issues of economics and politics, of religion, quackery, and of psychology and personal behavior top our list.   Education and scientific psychology are gateways to the following the dictates of reason

My best friend's gnostic, mystic, and nights Templer articles.

The California Skeptics thank you for stopping by.  Come again, please.


Studies have various rewards:  one is knowing what others don't.  Those who enter this portal with the spirit of a philosopher will not exit the same.  Enjoy. 



QuackWatch, guide to health fraud by Dr. Stephen Barrett


http://www.worstpills.org/:  Part of the Nader network of Public Citizen


http://skepdic.com:  Contains The Skeptic Dictionary by Robert Carroll, over 460 first rate articles on all the topics of interest to a skeptic


#31 Health, medical science, drugs:  an encyclopedic collection of articles on assorted medical & health issues.   The best on the web.  Science (evidence) based articles on all the major health issues including cancer, obesity, tobacco, back pain, ulcer & heart burn, dubious drugs and medical treatments, male & female hormone replacements, NSAID & aspirin, longevity, introns stem cells and other important basic medical science.  Over 200 articles, plus a large collection of fascinating art.

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If there is a divine measurement, it is by the good we do.