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Bad Pharma, Foods, Diet, Bad Drugs, GMOs, Health

I bought a Google Chromecast for $35.  It allows me to stream from my laptop to the television.  I have the laptop by the couch, and I have a stereo hooked up to the television.  I plugged the Chromecast into the HDMI outlet on the Sony Stereo.  The Sony is hooked up to my Vizio TV.   A much better experience than a computer monitor and small speakers.        

YouTube VIDEOS: (107 videos) at   and also rg/4    8/23 /15         ***** outstanding   recent   only on DVD or buy download 

Have your family watch these documentaries on your television by using a device such as Google Chromecast to send it from your computer to your stereo attached to the TV

1. Bad meds, bad regulators, bad pharm    2.  Diet and consequences --  3.  Diabetes  -- 4.  Cardiovascular disease (CVD) and the cholesterol myth  --  5.  Psychiatric drugs and psychiatry  --  6.  Healthful drugs opposed by pharma  --  7.  Health Issues  --  8.  Health Science  --  9.  Chiropractics, alternative medicine  --  10.  GMO  --  11.  Farming and the commercialization of food production  --  12.  Science topics


***** President’s Lecture Series 2009-2010, 78 min, 7,600 views MD.  Marcia Angell PhD Harvard, based on her best-selling book, “The Truth About Drug Companies and how they deceive us”   Her lecture with slides is an example of clarity, organization, and logic using examples to illustrate points all of which show the ways pharma and corporate media deceives the public, pharma “educates” doctors, and influences regulators. The information system is broken  Highly recommended

***** Making a Killing, the Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugs 95 min 669,000 views, on how psychiatrists have become drug pushers—all major aspects.  Starts with senseless killings and suicides, lead into drug approval, the strong addiction these drugs cause, the pseudo testing of the drugs, and how pharma hooked up with Am. psychiatry Assoc. to turn them into willing pill pushers and invent mental illness.  Missed is that these drugs are tranquilizers, worse than nothing at all.  They pass FDA approval because they increase sleep, which is 15% of its “benefits” under Hamilton Rating Scale.  What pharma does to market psychiatric drugs, they have done with all of the most profitable classes of drugs,  excellent

Money Talks, Profits before Patient Safety 49 min, 8.000 views, documentary in format like 60 Minutes, on bad pharma, testimonial, weak on science, pharma’s biased clinical trials and journal articles, regulatory capture, and junk drugs. Complete entertaining, good

***** The information architecture of medicine, 15 min, 7,000 views, Dr. Ben Goldacre Prof, London University School of Medicine both videos are on missing data and how it perverts treatment decisions causing harm   What doctors don’t know missing data, 13 min, 297,000 views, same topic  Important message

How We Have Been Lied to by Big Pharma, 53 min, 1,400 Dr. Jason Fung; evidence based lecture; would benefit from Angell & Goldacre (above) very good


 Tamiflu 20 min 1,900 views, Australian Broadcast Corporation, on the multi-billion dollar anti-viral scam stockpiled to fight the possible avian flu pandemic; only it is both useless and dangerous.  Has been injected into hundreds of millions of cold suffers on the possibility of the flu.  Shows how broken the information and regulatory systems are around the world.  A window on the world of pharma, doctors, and governments; how they function in our corporatist world excellent 


2.   DIET, CONSEQUENCES, and DIETING                                                                                In this section there is a chorus of critics on high sugar and refined carbs—some believe in the cholesterol-fat myth.  Australia is ahead of US—for more go to Cardiovascular Disease section.  

***** Why We Get Fat 3 min, 1,455,000 views, clip from movie Fat Head.  The best explanation on the process of accumulation of fat, a good foundation WATCH

***** Sugar White Poison:  an amazing expose on this toxic stuff  18 min, 25,800 views, Australian Broadcast Corp, condensed, plain language, complete account of how the refined carbs are at the heart of the obesity, diabetes pandemics FIRST CHOICE

***** The Secrets of Sugar 45 min, 484,000 views, CBC (Canadian Broadcast Corp) program; starts with a young family and show that at the heart of the weight problem with impending health consequences lies high sugar diet.  It also shows experiments on college students, uses interviews to drive home the point that sugar is the health issue, most entertaining, SECOND CHOICE

***** Low carb diet:  Fat or Friction 29 min, 37,600 views, Australian Broadcast Corp, for large audience,  on how the low carb diet (thus high SATURATED fat diet) how it prevents and cures obesity and type-2-diabetes—the New Atkins diet (below).  THIRD CHOICE excellent

*****The Complete Skinny on Obesity 58 min, 102,000 views, University California TV (UCTV), Dr. Robert Lustig Prof USF, great graphic, documentary, ask how did we get so fat, from 10% to 40% in 10 years, on addiction and the biology of weight gain.  Fats not the problem but carbs and sugar, especially fructose. Lustig’s best, FOURTH CHOICE

***** Heart of the Matter Part 1 Dietary Villains, 29 min, 615 views, Australian Broadcast Company (ABC), the saturated fat-cholesterol myth causes heart disease  Heart of the Matter, Part 2  29 min 1400 views.  Show that statins don’t save lives and how pharma gets away with the biggest of heists. Fifth, both are excellent                  


***** The Science of Addictive Food 11 min, 291,000, CBC, on manufactured food industry carefully balances foods taste to increase addiction by making foods reach the “bliss point” through the addition of sugar, salt, fat, and crunch.  Sugar is addicting because it stimulates the reward centers of the brain. Makes extensive use of science research to find out what makes food appealing and addicting, and how to cut costs. Based on Michael Moss’s book  SIXTH CHOICE  

***** Enjoy Eating Saturated Fats:  They’re Good for You 53 min, 262,000 views. Prof. Donald Miller, surgery, cardiothoracic division, University of Washington.  Clear well organized college lecture with graphics and lots of information, given to audience of physicians,  7th, very good

***** Fat Chance 88 min 445,000 views, UCTV, Prof. Robert Lustig MD 6/13, replaces Sugar the Bitter Truth (below 5,300,000 views). This is a lecture for a general college audience, very effective on key points of the obesity epidemic and fructose as toxic.  excellent

 Sugar, The Bitter Truth 82 min. 5,717,000 views, UCTV, Prof. Robert Lustig MD, 7/09, university level lecture on sugar, fructose, obesity which needs background preparation and note taking.  Made me a believer after I researched the issues he raised., the slide in PDF at Note: Fat Chance—above—shows what years of practice can do; thus skip this one and watch the recent Fat Chance very convincing, very good

***** Sugar:  the Elephant in the Kitchen 22 min, 108,000 views, Prof. Robert Lustig MD, on brain caused sugar addiction; fructose is the worse sugar very good

***** Is Sugar toxic -- 60 minutes investigates 14 min, 120,000 views, 60 minutes, Dr. Lustig is the guest interviewed,   very good,

***** The Bitter Truth About Sugar and Your Health 6 min, 6,000 view, CNN News interview of Prof. Robert Lustig, an introduction into the health issues of too much fructose in our diet, and how the low fat diet caused food manufactures to add sugar, excellent

***** Fat and Cholesterol do NOT Cause Heart Disease 5 min, 11,000 views that saturated fats are good, and Ancel Keyes role in fat-cholesterol myth  from Fat Head 103, sound, graphs, interviews, facts—great presentation, excellent

The New Science of Sugar Addiction, 27 min, 50,000 views, UCTV, Ashley Gearhardt, lecture on the scientific evidence showing addiction to sugar,   very good

My ‘I quit Sugar’ 12 min, 47.000 views, Australian Broadcast program on sugar, a personal journey to successful low-carb diet, very good

***** Fat Head 103, 105 min, 276,000 views, Tom Naughton 2008, well-funded documentary on low-carbs with high fat diet, government’s role; corporate farms’ and food manufacturers’ select the experts.  The science foundation for a low insulin (carbs) diet, (carbs to 100 g/day); good and entertaining--simple with good illustration, sounds & music. Quality, worth watching

Why We Get Fat – Gary Taubes at OSUMC: 71 min, 197,000 views. Gary Taubes lecture, Ohio State University, Wexner Medical Center. Taubes is a leading scholar on the issue of diet and health; his lecture covers the materials in his books (see below) very good

'Fed Up' With Sugar: Katie Couric's 10-Day Challenge, 8 min, 117,000 views, about the documentary ‘Fed Up’ released May 2014, no-sugar challenge with ABC News caster    The documentary content is on a 6th grade level entertaining


***** Globesity:  Fat’s New Frontier, 60 min, 325,000 views documentary on how food manufacturers exported the Western diet & consequences very good

Eat More Fat? –Amazing Results 18 min 571,000 views, a collection of snippets and testimonials that make the point that saturated fat is good, low budget good

***** The oiling of America 123 min 167,000 views, uses work of Mary Enig, deceased 2014, presented by Sally Fallon.  Uses journal articles & graphs to correct the record and exposes some business’s junk science.  Themes are the cholesterol myth and the good and bad fats including what most miss, the rancidification of polyunsaturated fats (at 74 min).  Also the low-fat dairy products use powder milk a source of oxidized cholesterol which contributes to atheroma.  Very Good  

Obesity is caused by malfunctions in the regulation of fat storage.  There ae two metabolic systems, one burns carbs and stores fat, the other burns fat.  An extreme low-carb diet forces the body to burn fat.  The NEW ATKINS diet works; and it is also the best way to cure type-2 diabetes—see Dr. Fung section 3. 

Understanding the [new] Atkins Diet 9 min, 89,000 views, documentary by Atkins company of high quality on the new Atkins diet, an excellent diet  very good  

The Atkins Diet, BBC  49 min, 43,000 views BBC documentary explaining the science behind the Atkins diet, that carbs that require less energy to utilize than fats and proteins, a bit drawn out as to information and misses the health hazards of sugars, Atkins didn’t  good on Atkins in print by jk at; there are several more on diet there.  The Atkins website page with carb counter

Dr.Eric Westman – Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss 39 min, 176,000 views, class lecture by the author of the latest version of Atkins diet; & reversing diabetes  very good

Dr. Jason Fung on dietary issues, high quality lectures using research to argue the issues and with plenty of slides with graphs and tables--in plain language for educated audience.  Dr. Fung gives lip service to cholesterol, but is actual critical in Part 6 of his series.  He convincingly argues that high insulin, caused by carbs, is at the heart of health disaster.  Low carbs with alternate day fast will cause fat burning and cure type-2 diabetes and obesity.  At his blog is a link to the clinic he runs.  They work with patient through their doctors  in setting up his program and monitor progress, at  

Dietary Villains: Part II, Salt Scare: 30 min 2,700 views, Dr. Jason Fung.  Shows how population studies can be misleading and that salt has little effect upon death and CVD rates.   He explains the biological effects of salt that counterbalance each other  very good 

Aetiology of Obesity Part 1 of 6 parts: a New Hope: 59 min, 48,300, Dr. Jason Fung, academic lecture sugar consumption its history then goes into major flaws in the standard dogma on obesity.   Very good

The Aetiology of Obesity Part 2:  The New Science of Diabesity:  61 min, 34,200 views, Dr. Jason Fung; lets the evidence prove his points, insulin cause  imP7IdM2Og very good

***** The Aetiology of Obesity Part 3:  Trial by Diet:  81 min, 7,900 views, Dr. Jason Fung; insulin drive fat storage, though refined carbs, and insulin resistance, Atkin’s diets came out best (note: new Atkins diet is better—not covered here).   Ends with follow the dollar as to physicians’ lectures in continuing education and American Heart Association indorsement Excellent

***** The Aetiology of Obesity, the Fast Food Solution (Part 4 of 6): 84 min, 27,000 views, Dr. Fung’s biology behind obesity and the biology behind alternate-day fasting, which is a sure way to cure type-2 diabetes and obesity. Explains it’s parallel to bariatric surgery cure.   Excellent

***** The Aetiology of Obesity Part 5 of 6: Diet and Disease: 60 min. 13,300 Dr. Jason Fung, views; on the causes of the Western diseases with high insulin level, high sugar and high glycemic load.  In primitive societies CVD, obesity, diabetes, colorectal, prostate, and breast cancers are quite low, even with native high carbs.  He ends with an account of food corp. funding diet education.  xcellent


*****The Aetiology of Obesity Part 6 of 6: Dietary Villains - Fat Phobia: 76 min. 15,300 views, Dr. Jason Fung; a review, lays to rest the fat phobia--more fat entail living longer, and cholesterol is good for you as you age, while low cholesterol is strongly associated with death, also that high dietary cholesterol doesn’t raise lipid level.  High glycemic index through insulin spike is associated with heart disease, as does pro-inflammatory  omega-6 fatty acids from polyunsaturated oil. Excellent 

NOTE MORE BY Dr. FUNG IN DIABETES SECTION; and his blog is excellent with link to his diabetes clinic.


BBC series: repeats cholesterol myths, uses human interest approach, strong on personal experiences weak on science, for the general public.

The Truth About Sugar, episode 1, 53 min, 424,000 views, BBC episode 1, a personal journey of 6 people who have sugar addiction; their going down to the WHO recommended  6 teaspoons of added (not natural) sugar a day (24 grams)--entertaining  good 

The Truth About Fat 54 min, 12,000 view, BBC documentary, by doctor investigating fat science, and finds most are good   very good (For science Fats role in CVD)

5 2 diet 16 min, 56,000 on Dr. Michael Mosley who started the diet which became viral given a BBC program (for whom he works for), his book has good science as to benefits with 600 calorie on fasting days twice weekly; however, he misses the role of insulin, and instead blames carbs, and fails to know that saturated fats are good (see above), and cholesterol as a risk factor is based on tobacco science.  good

The truth about food in six part,   Part 1, 58 min, 1,268,000 views, BBC documentary dragged out into 6 episodes, more human interest that science, this first one leads into the second one, the entire series—below are individual episodes good

Part 1, truth about foods 59 min, 28.000 views Part 2, 59 min 104,000 views     Part 3 58 min 111,000 views 6sKDhH0tGBQUzpGZPhk&index=2                Part 4 how to be slimdown 82 min, 13,500 views    Part 5, 59 min, 67,000 views       Part 6 69 min, 45,000 minutes   good

Entertainment full of food-industry pseudo-science--SKIP

The Weight of the Nation:  Part 1-Consequences, 69 min, 663,000 views, HBO, obesity causes, relies on expert testimonials and human interest, standard pharma view of heart disease with standard errors.  skip

Weight of the Nation:  Part 2—choices 72 min, 283,000 views, HBO, repeats myths of calories in calories out, weak will,  refined carbs, & insulin, and biology behind weight gain.  Cherry picks examples of low fat diet & exercise, no mention of 90% failure. skip

Weight of a nation Part 3 – challenges, 68 minutes, 162 min, HBO, finds standard causes such as less activity, weak will, manufactured foods high in sugar is also part of problem, wrong message about fat as the villian skip

50 Shocking Facts About Diet and Exercise 94 min, 192,000 views, BBC repository of sensationalism full of errors and rare events, pure yellow journalism  skip

National Geographic:  Half Ton World: 44 min, 34,000 views.  Super obese, lives, addiction.  Popular viewing, entertains not science SKIP  

3.  Diabetes  (for JK’s version of the diet cure

***** Session 2. The Problem With The ADA Diet 11 min, 6,000 views, Dr. Richard Bernstein, informative for both Type 1 and type 2 diabetes, on how to go drug free.  The ADA guidelines and what nearly all doctors hold is wrong.  He explains why, as does Dr. Fung below.  VG       .

***** How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally, 35 min, 306,000 views, Dr. Jason Fung, on treating the symptom high sugar instead of the disease insulin resistance. Very important way to break the reliance on drugs with diet and exercise, with testimonials,  excellent

***** Insulin Toxicity and How to cure Type 2 Diabetes, 61 min, 56,000 views Dr. Fung; on insulin, diabetes; failure of drugs; & cure with intermittent fasting & low carbs--to an audience of doctors.  Clinical trials prove that high insulin--not glucose--is the problem.  excellent  

***** The Two Big Lies of Type 2 Diabetes 54 min,10,5000 views, Dr. Fung, latest lecture 11/14, similar to the first two diabetes video and with two patients re-accounting their experience on alternate-day fasting.  excellent

***** Richard’s story—How I bet Diabetes, 9 min, 13,000 views, a testimonial by a couple which covers what to expect when following the traditional dietary cure for type-2 diabetes, the wife without diabetes lost 40 pounds on the diet I recommend at excellent

4.  Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) and the Cholesterol Myth

***** Heart of the Matter Part 1 Dietary Villains, 29 min, 615 views, Australian Broadcast Company (ABC), the saturated fat-cholesterol myth causes heart disease  Heart of the Matter, Part 2  29 min 3,800 views.  Show that statins don’t save lives, are not safe, and how pharma gets away with the biggest of drug heists. and again at   excellent

Dr. Jonny Bowden “The Great Cholesterol Myth 74 min, 43,000 views, follows essential points of his co-authored book “The Great Cholesterol Myth” Non-technical lecture with graphics, covers role of diet, that saturated fats and cholesterol are good, sugar bad, and lowering cholesterol with statins is bad, at very good

***** Statin Nation First 13 Min, 59,000 views, Justin Smith, entire documentary not available on YouTube or Amazon (as of 12/14), the entire documentary is excellent from UK, watch $5, download  $16, purchase $25 at Sequel on real causes of heart disease is coming out in Jan. 2015. is a library of resources and links on statin-cholesterol-fat-myth. 

***** The Link Between Viruses & Heart Disease  5 min, 232 views Prof. Ed. Prydial explains passionately the link between viruses and heart disease.  Very good

Inflammation in Atherosclerosis 63 min, 151 views, Dr. Peter Libby on role of inflammation and promotion at atherosclerosis; lecture for medical researchers.  Exceptional good lecture:  well-illustrated, organized, concise, covering most aspects.  Very good

***** The Real cause of heart disease, 8 min 26,800 views,  Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride explains that coronary artery disease is caused by atherosclerosis, which is an inflammatory process produced by pathogens and the response of the immune system Excellent

*****The Cholesterol Hypothesis is Wrong—Part 1, 31 min, 3,000 views Malcom Kendrick 2014 Seminar, excellent lecture using medical science to expose the cholesterol myth to medial audience, goes over 10 pieces of strong evidence, very convincing Excellent

Uffe Ravnskov: The cholesterol campaign and its misleading dietary advices 29 min, 13,000 views by the leading scientist specializing on the cholesterol myth a university level lecture full of strong evidence who stress pathogens and immune functions Very good


Note:  Low cholesterol is a surrogate endpoint that doesn’t save lives.  Pharma has made billions treating their cholesterol myth with statins (most of which are off patent).  Now a new patented family of drugs is on the market—the switch is on.  These drugs do not prevent or reverse atherosclerosis and thus its health consequence. Pharma has made billions more treating the resultant hypertension, and following an MI from arrhythmia and anticoagulants drugs.  The rise in this health problems started cigarettes, polyunsaturated and trans-fats, and later the high-carb diet.  The way to reduce risk for atherosclerosis is to eat a healthy diet, exercise, take the supplements I listed, and don’t smoke.  What is true about the marketing of statin is a window on how pharma works; I call it tobacco ethics”—the ethic for the maximization of profits.   


5.  Psychiatric Drugs and Psychiatry

***** Making a Killing, the Untold Story of Psychotropic Drugs 95 min 669,000 views; starts with senseless killings and suicides to show these drugs do more harm than good; leads into drug approval, they are very addicting; that pharma hooked up with Am. psychiatry Assoc. to turn them into willing pill pushers that invent & expand mental illness.  Missed is that these drugs are tranquilizers were approved because they increase sleep, which is 15% of its “benefits” under Hamilton Rating Scale.  What pharma does to market psychiatric drugs, the same is done with all of the most profitable classes of drugs,  excellent

***** Big pharma Big Money  176 min 2,900 views (May 2015) great organization, covers all key topics, for a general audience, no delays by human interest stories; however, it repeats through multiple testimonials each point, which accounts for its length excellent also under Psychiatry:  The Marketing of Madness at  

Depression is NOT a Chemical Imbalance 177 min, 64,000 views; uses experts and patients to expose that psychotropic drugs are not worth their side effects.  Very on the similar but inferior to Big Pharma Big Money by same producer, well done worth seeing very good

***** Psychiatrie 108 min, 2,507,000 views, Evolution Television, a review of psychiatry’s dismal history of mental hospitals.  Also covers how pharma markets drugs to make us addicted.  Excellent historical footage, a good sequel to Making A Killing highly recommended

***** Dark Side Of a Pill, 55 min, 4 views, in German with English subtitles. English no on YouTube. SSRIs make people crazy, the human interest side with case histories.  Our corporate media is silent about the drugs behind the crimes very good

BBC Mental A History of the Madhouse 59 min, 496, 000 views, BBC documentary on older mental institutions, shock treatment, lobotomy, physical abuse, and conditions worse than prisons. It ends with Thatcher’s solution of closing them and putting their patients on the street.  Very good  

Medicating Kids, 8 min, 16,000 views, Frontline, in six chapters, human interest follows the experience of 4 families--not critical in 6 parts; more dumb-down public education that doesn’t educate on PBS. OK

Instead of treating a people with a drug that makes them feel better, pharma uses slow acting, addicting tranquilizers.  A number of the illicit recreational drugs would perform much better than pharma’s downers in clinical trials:  Amphetamines for depression, marijuana and opiates for anxiety, and a combination of both depending on which phase for bipolar.  The issue of compliance with treatment would vanish if downers helped the sick.  For children we need to make the classes more stimulating rather than drug the kids.  Behaviorist therapy (distinguished form CBT) has been shown to work best for nearly all psychiatric problems. 


6.  Healthful drugs opposed by Pharma

Why You Still Need Estradiol (Estrogen) 5 min, 153 views, Very good intro

Nothing of quality on aspirin, CoQ10, testosterone and estrogen—not science but marketing.  Beware of testosterone boosters, bio-identical testosterone, and bio-identical estrogen, which aren’t bio-identical (only similar for some functions, mimics). They are untested and thus of uncertain value and risks.  Some mimics by occupying hormone receptors block the hormone action or turn it on when it should be off.  The leading progestin, MPA (a progesterone mimic) used in the leading HRT Prempro has caused millions of deaths by blocking the benefits of estradiol resulting in increased breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, thrombi, and coronary events.  Prempro was knowingly selected by the FDA in their mammoth trial to “prove” that HRT is dangerous.  There are numerous studies that expose the health hazards of both natural and man-made chemicals that are sex hormone mimics.  Dr. John R. Lee Progesterone, 56 min, 13,000 listeners, no video, only voice, is on natural progesterone .  A mountain of journal articles show the benefits of both estradiol and testosterone.  Recently oral progesterone has come to market, and undoubted is better than the synthetic progestins, especially MPA.  Aspirin has hundreds of older journal articles show it many benefits, but like hormones and CoQ10, it would cut deeply into pharma’s profits.  There are many quality books on them based on the earlier research, and some recent research.   


7. Health issues

***** Gut Reaction Part 1 ABC Australian Broadcast Corp., Catalyst Series 28 min, 17,300 views on gut bacteria including the role of refined (low fiber free) foods & antibiotics, which causes inflammation in the gut--a causal factor for insulin resistance, diabetes, & obesity  Part 2 29 min, 2,600 views, on low fiber diet and gut bacteria causing type 2 diabetes, on colitis treatment with feces implant (which was known since the 50s), need to add its role in inflammation in artery walls which causes coronary heart disease.  both recommended

***** Our Chemical Lives 28 min, 4,000 views Australian Broadcast Corporation, about the  harmful chemicals and that they are assumed safe and thus don’t require testing, and if tested  and shown dangerous it is not subject to regulatory oversight. Excellent 


****Fecal Bacteriotherapy (Human Probiotic Infusion) for Clostridium difficile infection 8 min 30,430 views, Australian Broadcast Corp. on the best treatment for colitis and related conditions which has been used since the 1950s, but rarely since it is not in pharma’s financial interest to do so,  EXCELLENT 

Skin deep - Catalyst story on fat transfer and stem cell treatments 20 min, 2,000 views Australian Broadcast Corp.  On the market place junk claims, also covers what the dermatologist do, however, they miss the best one estradiol that has many health benefits. Very good


8.  Health Science -- (WARNING:  pharm produces marketing videos disguised as science)

Muscle Contraction Process:  Molecular Mechanism 4 min, 697,000 views, 3D animation on the processes of how muscles contracts, the complete process  a similar quality illustrated explanation at Excellent

Insulin Signaling, 5 min, 160,000 views animation presentation, part of the complex regulation of fat & glucose, college level recommended, very good


9.  Chiropractics, Alternative Medicine

*****Chiropractics Australian Broadcast Corporation 27 min, 10,000 views, excellent quality investigative reporting on Chiropractics Eye opening on quackery

War on Health-The FDA Cult of Tyranny, 125 minutes, 81,000 views, by Gary Null, starts with 25 minute lecture by Null.  On how FDA is big pharma friendly, thus uses its regulatory power to ban and close down sales of supplements for claims of benefits that haven’t been demonstrated; uses mainly interviews..  Pleasing to those who are into alternative unscientific medicine good


10  GMO

***** The World according to Monsanto 109 min, 431,000 views, National Film board of Canada covers all aspects, uses science & scientists, convincing excellent

Monsanto, Patent for a Pig, 43 min, 8,500 views on how Monsanto in 2006 was attempting to expand its patent to that of pigs on the basis a particular genetic fingerprint.  Show how with the global corporate system is taking over the food supply very troubling

*****Genetic Roulette 80 min, 1,118 (6/13/15) views all aspect of GMOs Gary Null & Jeffery Smith, uses science and scientists, convincing  excellent  

Seeds of Death, by Garry Null, 120 min, 1,636,000 views, Gary Nulls on GMO, book by William Engdahl, 2007, mostly interviews, very convincing,

Monsanto wants total control, covers up grave GMO dangers RT News, interview Jeffery Smith, 26 min, 39,000, views, 2013, excellent interview Good

Monsanto A Documentary on GMO 66 min, 231,000 views, mostly on the consequences to farmers, how the state promotes GMO via laws  Limited interest

GMO Science Australian Broadcast Corporation, Catalyst Series 7 min, 400 views, on GMO crops, BT crop , supposed only binds to protein in insect guts, toxicological testing are not required  excellent


The Dark side of Fast Food;  GMO Food — GMOs are Worse Than We Thought - Dr. Russell Blaylock (sales pitch, Newsletter, etc.) On YouTube of low quality


11.  Farming and commercialization of food production

Food Inc., on corporate farms, YouTube for $1.00  Low budget good

The Truth About Your Food Inc. Film maker Robert  Kenner, 58 min.  626,000 views, what corporations have done to the famer and health issues good

 FARMAGEDDON:  The True Coast of Cheap Meat by Philip Lymbergy and Isable Oakeshoff, available for $3.00 on YouTube good

In Organic We Trust:  the meaning of certified Organic covers the development of organic labeling of foods, and how it has been turned into business as usual:  a tool for corporate farms and inspection by private corporations. 2013 $3.00 slow, chatty, important good 

Today’s Modern Food:  It’s not what you think – part 1, 20 min,776,000 on nutrition, contaminants, bacteria poisoning, commercial operations, GMOs, additives, etc.             Part 2, 19 min, 239,000 views

Supermarket Secrets and Deceptions By BBC, about what we buy from corporations        Part 1, 49 min, 556,000 views,                   Part 2, 49 min, 76,000 views  good


12.  Science topics

***** Silence of the Labs   45 min, 15,000 views, CBC.  Their government’s war on science in the public’s interest.  What is true about Canadian government policy is even more-true for the US government.  The science behind drug safety, effects of pollution, nutrition and all else that that effects corporations is being replaced by corporate tobacco science or silence.  Cognitive dissonance is created by the two answers, one of which shows GMOs, statins, SSRIs, etc. as safe Excellent

What medical doctors are taught about nutrition 1 min, 1,100 views Dr. Jason Fung. His nutrition training in the last 20 years is no more than 5 minutes.  very good

Teddy Roosevelt's advice: "We must drive the special interests out of politics. The citizens of the United States must effectively control the mighty commercial forces which they have themselves called into being. There can be no effective control of corporations while their political activity remains."