BUSH's (neoconservatives) Environmental Record
WTO Trade Agreements Supersede U.S. Environmental Laws
Red Slime in fish products; Pink Slime in ground meats
Roundup, Monsanto's Scientific Fraud
Caspain Sea oil drilling blowout by BP, and others
Ever hundred years California's Mega Flood
BUSH's (neoconservatives) Environmental Record
Artic Melt Down--23% for 07-08
EPA libraries closed tight by Bush
Bush's Envioronmental Record
Gulf Stream flow down 30%
Protecting New Orleans--Scientific American
EU Energy Policies
No More Environmental Cleanups, Superfund is Dry
MERCURY EMISSIONS: environment & legislation
Environmental collapse of Easter Island--Jared Diamond
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Organic Farming Comparison
Animal Feed Laws
Bush and the Endanger Species Act
Republicans stop toxic site clean up
Bush's Environmental Record--Al Franken
Pied Piper & Environmental Policy--Hightower
Death stats on first atomic energy experiments
Rabbits cruelly butchered, USDA regulation changed
Meat Consumption and Risk of Colorectal Cancer
LEAD SOLDER--environmental activitism at its worst


Articles on the Bush Administration’s environmental policy by NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) at http://www.nrdc.org/bushrecord/other_international.asp.  Too bad the list stops 2 March of 05, for many of the neocons worst actions have occurred in the last two years, such as the dismantling of the EPA’s ability to prosecute violators of environmental laws.  The neocons/neoliberals are globalizers, flatworlders, they have the vision of corporate executives, and thus obsticles like environmental regulations are being dismanteled.     




Bush administration pushes for pesticide waiver (07/13/04)

U.S. strong-arms E.U. to back down on chemical safety requirements (04/01/04)

Interior Dept. defends loosening of ESA import ban (03/29/04)

Montreal Protocol shirked for U.S. pesticide interests (03/26/04)

Federal court blocks EPA plan to cripple Clean Air Act (12/24/03)

Bush administration seeks increase in use of ozone-depleting pesticide (11/14/03)

Bush administration declares open season on endangered species (10/13/03)

United States and European Union teaming up on hydrogen fuel cells (06/16/03)

DOE moving ahead with new nukes (06/02/03)

Energy Department illegally approved Mexican power plants, says judge (05/05/03)

New U.S.- Mexico pollution treaty lacks funding to make a difference (04/04/03)

Bush administration to build world's first emission-free power plant (02/27/03)

Scientists debunk Bush's global warming plan (02/25/03)

White House ordered to reveal climate change documents (02/21/03)

Bush administration pushing for pesticide exemptions from international environmental treaty (02/07/03)

Environmental experts nixed from international development agency (01/16/03)

Bush administration considers new nukes (01/10/03)

Bush administration outlines steps for nuclear security (11/14/02)

Bush administration supports renewed elephant ivory trade (11/11/02)

Interior Department to oppose commercial whaling (10/30/02)

U.S. undermines renewable energy proposal at World Summit (08/27/02)

Bush administration employs stonewall strategy at World Summit (08/21/02)

Bush skipping U.N. Earth Summit (08/15/02)

Bush administration supports protecting endangered foreign fish (07/31/02)

Bush and Whitman distance themselves from EPA global warming report (06/12/02)

U.S. signs off on endangered salmon harvest (06/12/02)

Bush administration finally admits big trouble from global warming (06/03/02)

Bush-Putin Summit Produces Deeply Flawed Nuclear Arms Treaty (05/24/02)

Bush administration ousts top global warming scientist (04/19/02)

White House moves one step forward, two steps back, on chemical treaty (04/11/02)

Bush administration trying to dump global warming scientist (04/02/02)

The Bush administration's secret plan for strengthening U.S. nuclear forces (02/13/02)

Bush administration nuclear weapon cuts, less than advertised (01/10/02)

Bush administration plans to get ready to resume nuclear weapons testing (01/08/02)

EPA may lift ban on human testing of pesticides (11/28/01)

Bush unlikely to offer alternative global warming plan (07/26/01)

NRDC praises global warming agreement; calls on Bush to reconsider (07/23/01)

Bush budget cuts for international global warming programs more significant than reported (07/12/01)

NRDC Calls on Bush Administration to Abolish Current U.S. Nuclear War Plan (06/18/01)

NRDC to President Bush: Get serious about global warming (06/11/01)

Bush supports U.N. treaty on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) (04/09/01)

Bush administration rejects Kyoto Protocol (03/28/01)



EPA to make toxics reporting standards more lenient for industry (09/16/05)

FDA experts often culled from the ranks of industry (07/14/05)

White House pushes nuclear power plants (05/17/05)

EPA seeks controversial expansion of voluntary pollution-reduction programs (02/23/05)

White House developing regulatory "hit list" at behest of industry (12/17/04)

White House institutes controversial 'peer review' process (12/17/04)

White House pushing EPA to adopt pro-industry measure (12/02/04)

White House OMB releases a modified peer-review proposal (04/15/04)

Pentagon again seeking immunity from environmental laws (04/06/04)

Private ranchers get rights to public lands (02/10/04)

Forest Service streamlines grazing permits (02/10/04)

White House usurping scientific authority from federal agencies (01/11/04)

Pentagon to seek more environmental exemptions (01/09/04)

Park Service says 'Let 'em snowmobile' in Yellowstone (12/11/03)

White House considers dropping some fish protections to promote logging (10/31/03)

EPA changes rule to exempt hazardous waste requirements (10/23/03)

Interior Department eases mining rules (10/09/03)

White House study: benefits of environmental regulation far outweigh costs (09/29/03)

White House recommendations could shut the public out of environmental review (09/24/03)

EPA opposes Bush plan to relax Clean Water Act (09/05/03)

EPA lifts ban on selling polluted sites for development (09/02/03)

EPA officially rolls back Clean Air Act protections (08/27/03)

Oily deal on offshore drilling rights (08/21/03)

EPA stifles staff objections to Pentagon pollution exemptions (04/09/03)

Whitman changes her tune on Pentagon environmental exemptions (03/26/03)

EPA conflicted over Pentagon proposal to exempt the military from environmental laws (03/13/03)

EPA exempts oil and gas industry from water pollution rules (03/10/03)

Pentagon chiefs ordered to hunt for environmental exemptions (03/07/03)

Defense Department seeking exemptions from environmental laws (03/06/03)

EPA plans to relax toxic air pollution standards (02/11/03)

OMB pushes for industry-skewed cost-benefit analysis (02/04/03)

Defense Department targets environmental laws (01/13/03)

EPA exempts oil and gas industry from stormwater pollution rules (12/30/02)

White House begins process of relaxing government regulations for industry (12/19/02)

White House discounts human life in cost-benefit analysis (12/18/02)

Bush administration rewriting rules to boost logging in Northwest (09/30/02)

Bush administration to reconsider Clean Water Act protections (09/19/02)

Forest Service smoothing the rails for Bush's logging proposals (09/19/02)

Bush orders agencies to streamline environmental review of transportation projects (09/18/02)

Interior Department allows more air pollution at national park (08/22/02)

Bush uses national security to gain corporate secrecy and immunity (07/26/02)

Bush administration revokes habitat protection for California frog (07/04/02)

Snowmobiles to be restricted, not banned in parks (06/25/02)

EPA rolls back clean air protections for power plants (06/13/02)

Bush administration lets construction companies off the hook for protecting environment (05/24/02)

Bush administration rolls back air conditioner energy efficiency standards (05/23/02)

Bush administration sends conflicting signal on Clean Air Act enforcement (05/21/02)

EPA proposes water pollution trading scheme (05/14/02)

Bush administration to ax Northwest Forest Plan (04/08/02)

Pentagon seeks exemption from environmental laws (03/29/02)

White House touts aggressive regulatory review (03/19/02)

EPA official admits that Bush clean air plan is weak (02/26/02)

Bush administration intends to shift Superfund cleanup from polluters to taxpayers (02/23/02)

BLM rule could block federal land protection (02/22/02)

Bush announces rollback of power plant pollution rules (02/14/02)

Park snowmobile phase-out delayed (02/05/02)

New NRDC report documents sweeping rollback of environmental protections by federal agencies (01/23/02)

Corps relaxes wetlands protections, White House approves (01/14/02)

Norton withholds government critique of proposal to relax wetlands rules (01/14/02)

NRDC reacts to John Graham's "hit list" of regulations: "We told you so." (12/04/01)

Corps of Engineers ignores "no net loss" wetlands policy (11/02/01)

EPA issues an arsenic-in-tap-water standard higher than that recommended by public health advocates (10/31/01)

Norton Guts Tough Mining Protections (10/25/01)

Forest chief asks Norton to end Oregon mining ban (10/02/01)

White House rule change could inflict "paralysis by analysis" on regulatory process (09/24/01)

USFS to reduce public participation (09/20/01)

Forest Service stalls roadless protection, allows logging to continue (08/22/01)

Tongass and other forests open to roadbuilding, logging (08/12/01)

Army Corps of Engineers to weaken wetlands protections (08/08/01)

EPA wants to scrap air pollution regulations for power plants (07/26/01)

White House favors limiting president's authority to protect federal lands (07/17/01)

Bush nominates "timber beast" to oversee national forests (07/10/01)

BLM upholds "non-controversial" portion of hard rock mining rules (06/15/01)

Bush administration formally suspends arsenic-in-drinking-water protections; NRDC rips decision (05/22/01)

Agriculture secretary undercuts forest management process (05/17/01)

NRDC's John Adams to President Bush: Don't take the teeth out of the Clean Air Act (05/07/01)

Bush administration marks 100 days in office (04/29/01)

EPA drops objections to Florida rule that undermines Clean Water Act protections (04/26/01)

Gale Norton nominates William G. Myers III as solicitor for Department of the Interior (04/24/01)

Yellowstone snowmobile ban goes into effect, but perhaps not for long (04/23/01)

Bush seeks to relax requirements of Endangered Species Act (04/09/01)

Bush administration delays hard-rock mining regulations that protect watersheds (03/21/01)

Bush withdraws new arsenic-in-drinking-water standard (03/20/01)

Bush appoints industry apologist as regulatory gatekeeper (03/06/01)

EPA upholds Clinton decision to clean up diesel pollution (02/28/01)

EPA delays, then upholds, new rule protecting wetlands (02/15/01)

White House announces regulatory freeze (01/20/01)



Bush visit fails to boost morale at the EPA (05/26/05)

Bush nominates scientist to head EPA (03/04/05)

Pentagon seeks to jettison environmental duties (12/14/04)

Defense Department to push for hazardous waste exemptions (12/01/04)

EPA's lax enforcement good news for polluters (11/09/04)

Department of Homeland Security aims to sidestep environmental reviews (08/16/04)

EPA extends oil spill compliance deadline … again (08/11/04)

EPA lets refineries off the hook (07/18/04)

EPA chief Leavitt failing to lay down the law (03/31/04)

EPA letting Clean Water Act violators off the hook (03/30/04)

EPA and Congressional GAO bicker about enforcement (02/13/04)

EPA enforcement cops returning to the environment beat (12/15/03)

Smart enforcement or no enforcement? Bush lets polluters off the hook (12/09/03)

EPA inspector general blasts agency for lax enforcement (10/16/03)

GAO finds that energy production pollutes wildlife refuges (09/24/03)

Interior Department fires worker after land payment scandal (09/15/03)

EPA finds nearly 300 mountaintop removal violations (09/04/03)

EPA balks at court ruling to protect waterways from pesticide pollution (09/03/03)

EPA enforcement program in shambles (07/07/03)

EPA letting polluters off the hook (06/06/03)

GAO chides Department of Agriculture for lax enforcement of wetlands protections (05/22/03)

EPA Administrator Whitman misusing agency investigators (04/26/03)

EPA cleaning up far fewer toxic waste sites (04/18/03)

EPA fines company $34 million for pipeline spills (04/02/03)

Interior ordered to continue protecting manatees (03/18/03)

EPA failing to protect Louisiana's environment and public health (02/04/03)

GAO faults EPA oversight on factory farms (01/31/03)

Polluting industries getting off easier under Bush administration (01/29/03)

EPA proposes weakening of Clean Air Act (11/22/02)

EPA agrees to clean up smog pollution (11/14/02)

EPA no longer making polluters pay (11/05/02)

Forest Service in violation of Endangered Species Act (10/20/02)

Former EPA official blasts Bush commitment to enforcement of clean air rules (10/16/02)

Judge considers contempt of court for Interior Secretary Norton over manatees (10/03/02)

U.S. EPA air-quality enforcement sinks to new lows (09/07/02)

EPA cracking down on North Dakota air polluters (08/19/02)

EPA forced to withdraw new penalty calculations scheme (08/19/02)

EPA cedes Idaho cleanup authority to state (08/13/02)

Another EPA official resigns in protest over Bush policies (07/25/02)

Public criticism forces EPA to get tough on polluters (05/16/02)

EPA watchdog resigns in protest over Bush policies (04/22/02)

Endangered species habitat under attack (03/19/02)

EPA will weaken federal clean air rules (03/18/02)

Desert tortoise finally protected (03/12/02)

Whitman remarks undermine government's Clean Air Act lawsuits (03/03/02)

Top EPA official resigns in protest of Bush's pro-polluter policies (02/27/02)

New NRDC report documents sweeping rollback of environmental protections by federal agencies (01/23/02)

Justice Department finally justifies air pollution lawsuits (01/15/02)

Environmental enforcement suffers under Bush (01/10/02)

Bush backing away from pledge to clean up federal facilities (09/07/01)

EPA postpones action on power plants, expected to favor limited approach (08/14/01)

Norton balks at defending wildlife in the face of local opposition (07/23/01)

Bush seeking to weaken federal environmental enforcement (07/23/01)

BLM fails to comply with agreement to protect threatened desert tortoises (05/12/01)

Bush launches a "sneak attack" on the Roadless Area Conservation Plan (05/04/01)

Bush administration seeks to roll back Roadless Area Conservation Plan (03/16/01)





EPA’s public relations campaign a waste of funds, says group (07/26/05)

Bush administration forges ahead with plans to privatize public agencies (05/10/05)

Bush budget proposal slashes funding for environmental programs (02/07/05)

EPA ponders delaying Superfund listings and cleanups (12/02/04)

EPA cannot afford own counterterrorism plans (11/18/04)

Budget cuts threaten environment in Army training ranges (10/05/04)

Budget crunch hampers EPA Superfund cleanup (07/28/04)

Bush forest policy shortchanges rural communities (07/27/04)

Bush administration slashes funding for global warming research (06/03/04)

Reversing course, U.S. Army maintains environmental protections (05/27/04)

Bush administration planning cuts in environmental funding (05/19/04)

Bush budget cuts lead poisoning prevention funding (04/11/04)

Mining cleanup costs vastly exceed Superfund budget (04/05/04)

Budget cuts crippling national park system (03/16/04)

White House offers small funding boost for Northwest salmon recovery (01/26/04)

$175 million Superfund shortfall stalls cleanups (01/06/04)

USDA grant program makes energy the new cash crop (12/12/03)

Superfund cleanups lag for third straight year (11/04/03)

Costly USFS and BLM outsourcing studies prove unhelpful (10/23/03)

Privatizing forests doesn't add up (10/05/03)

More Superfund sites, but less money (10/01/03)

White House says "lights out" to popular energy saver program (10/01/03)

Interior Dept. provides $12.9 million in conservation grants (09/17/03)

Private contractors to determine endangered species' future (09/12/03)

EPA offers new water-saving program (09/04/03)

Bush administration short-changing endangered species protection (04/07/03)

EPA halts funding at several Superfund sites (10/31/02)

Agriculture Department offers program to aid Florida farmers, Everglades (10/28/02)

EPA lagging in Superfund cleanups (10/16/02)

EPA admits clean water takes back seat to war on terrorism (10/08/02)

EPA restores some Superfund monies (07/21/02)

Bush slashing EPA funding for toxic cleanups (06/30/02)

Bush budget cuts billions from natural resources spending (05/08/02)

White House ends environmental research funding (04/02/02)

EPA sends industry lobbyist to testify before Congress on proposed cuts to enforcement budgets (03/12/02)

President Bush unveils "slash and burn" budget for 2003 (02/04/02)

Bush slashes environmental education spending (02/04/02)

Bush budget cuts student research (02/03/02)

Interior proposes spending boost for refuges (01/21/02)

White House plans deep cuts in environmental spending (11/28/01)

Bush administration shutting down Everglades restoration office (11/06/01)

Bush signs Interior bill that boosts spending, but includes harmful riders (11/05/01)

Bush unveils fiscal year 2002 budget (04/09/01)

The neoconservatives have their own agenda, the action of their man in the NASA is just another example.


We don’t have a right to know how good or bad is the servicing of the fleets of commercial airlines, and the head of NASA has made sure there study will not be leaked or obtained through Freedom of Information Act.  Michael Griffin, a Bush appointee, undoubtedly was selected for his political pro-business views, in addition to his administrative and engineering skills.   

NASA dares anyone to examine airline safety data
This week's awkward NASA news: The space agency released survey data from interviews with airline and other pilots that it said last year would reveal safety problems severe enough to damage the airline industry. Unfortunately for safety watchdogs, the responses, collected from nearly 26,000 airline pilots and 5,000 general aviation pilots between April 2001 and December 2004, were scrambled and redacted—to preserve the anonymity of respondents and their employers, NASA said—as well as published as documents rather than spreadsheets, which would have allowed others to sift the information for trends. NASA Administrator Michael Griffin told reporters the data was of no interest to the public—and anyway the agency didn't have the funds to continue the project. So there. (NASA, New York Times)


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Don’t you love the neoconservatives??

       With only two exceptions, every health, food safety or environmental law challenged at the WTO has been declared a barrier to trade. The exceptions have been the challenge to France’s ban on asbestos and a WTO compliance panel’s determination that after losing a WTO case on the Endangered Species Act turtle protection regulations, the U.S. had weakened the law to sufficiently comply with the WTO’s orders.

People get the government that they deserve. Politicans such as Bush are elected because if the common person was in office, he would become another venal politican