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EPA libraries closed tight by Bush
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Bush will close the libraries of the EPA and its system of electronic catalog.  The studies housed in the library, many of which would used to support court cases and regulatory actions against polluters—this includes computer access.  This will cripple the effectiveness of the EPA.  Moreover Bush is terminating the jobs of most of the scientists who do the studies.  In the future when studies are to be done, they will be farmed out to industry organizations which represent the polluters—jk.



From Greenwatch Today at http://www.bushgreenwatch.org

Article at http://www.bushgreenwatch.org/mt_archives/000308.php, April 5, 06



EPA Prematurely Shutting Important Research Libraries


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is prematurely closing a Midwest research library following proposed budget cuts by the Bush Administration, even though the cuts have yet to be approved by Congress. Approximately 27 libraries nation-wide will be subject to more than 80% in budget cuts in the proposed 2007 budget.

It was announced in early February that several EPA research libraries are to be shut down due to a $2 million cut in funding out of a total $2.5 million budget. The research libraries are accessible to the general public, but are largely used by EPA scientists and enforcement officials.

The cuts come at a time when the Bush Administration is proposing an increase in EPA research funding under the “American Competitive Initiative.”

“How are EPA scientists supposed to engage in cutting edge research when they cannot find what the agency has already done? “ asked Jeff Ruch, executive director of Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). "The President's plan will not make us more competitive if we have to spend half our time re-inventing the wheel." [1]

Originally, the proposed cuts to the EPA budget – totaling $300 million – included the dismantling of an electronic catalog that provides access to EPA research. Within the catalog collection are more than 50,000 documents that cannot be found elsewhere. The elimination of such a program would have made navigation of the research network impossible. Funds were shifted to enable the continued operation of the system, but that has also led to an additional $500,000 in budget cuts to EPA libraries across the country.

The early closure of the Midwest Regional library, which serves EPA staff and universities in six states, is not an isolated event. Many other branches are pursuing similar cutbacks in anticipation of Congressional approval of the budget. Noted Ruch, "EPA might want to wait for Congress to act before its shutters its libraries." [2]

Moreover, said Ruch, "EPA's national research plan is supposed to build on what we already know. But effectively deploying our existing knowledge base will be increasingly difficult if decades of research are locked away in storage." [3]


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With pro-industry head reshaping the EPA into a fašade the EPA (as an example of their vision of protection) issued the following statement (03/31/06):


EPA has issued rules finding that additional reductions in air toxics emissions are not necessary for four industry categories: cooling towers, ethylene oxide sterilization plants, magnetic tape manufacturing operations and gasoline distribution terminals. EPA made these findings based on recent analyses that show existing air toxics standards for these industries protect public health.



At http://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/200409/bush_record.asp the Sierra Club list more than 300 crimes against nature between January of 01 and November of 04


There is another inconsistency, Bush’s position on fetuses and his stance on mercury emissions of the coal-fired energy plants. 


Out of Bounds, Out of Control:  Enforcement at EPA, by John DeLong covers the failure to regulate the polluters. 

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