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It is not America's hunger for the world (as pictured below) but our politicians who support globalization—are sucking the financial nipple of global corporations.  The US is just a tool to open up the world to unregulated capitalism—to return to the era of the robber barons.   




The World Bank was established in 1944, at a conference on postwar reconstruction in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, where representatives of more than forty nations agreed to create two new institutions: the International Monetary Fund, which was charged with guaranteeing stability in global currency markets, and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, which was charged with raising money for the rebuilding of Europe. In December of 1945, twenty-nine countries signed the articles of agreement that formally incorporated the I.M.F. and the World Bank (as the I.B.R.D. came to be called) in Washington. A year and a half later, the World Bank made its first loan, to France. The United States government quickly became the main financer of European reconstruction, and the bank shifted its focus to developing countries. In 1948, it lent money to Chile. Two years later, it lent to Ethiopia. Before long, it was financing the construction of roads and dams throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.



The World Bank employs thirteen thousand people in more than a hundred countries, and lends about twenty-five billion dollars a year to poor and middle-income nations.  Its office is a 13-story building off of Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC. 


During the sixiteis and seventies the bank lent heavily to counties such as Indonesia and Zaire, bulwarks against Communist nationalism.  In the eighties and nineties, it pressed developing countries to lower import tariffs and encourage foreign investment, leading to accusations that it was acting in the interest of Western corporations.


As with all organizations there is special Orwellian doublespeak in the form of advocacy.  The language of the WTO:  changes are called reform, resistance to policies corruption, economic imperialism as good governance, robber-baron economics is called neoliberalism, and the World Trade Organization is rally not world,  but a front U.S. global economic policies with inconsequential participation of the EU.  What Wolfowitz calls a “moderate, democratic Middle East” is in fact one which has become part of the global economic community. 


In our corporate press, we get this doublespeak.  Thus we read in a report by Richard Behar, carried March 27, 2007 by Fox News:  World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz's war to reform the world's most important antipoverty institution faces a new and potentially crippling challenge”  Totally unmentioned in this article is the real cause for the claim of “corruption” the failure to adopt the open-boarder policies pushed by the WTO and formalized Free Trade Agreements.  Unmentioned are the failures of 30 years of WTO policies to improve conditions for the impoverished in those countries following their plan, or that China and India’s growth in GDP (as did Korea’s) occurs because of government regulations, regulations which hinder the spread of foreign corporations and banking. 





It scares me.  I feel like Tacitus* looking at the forces shaping society, and concluding that there will be a protracted dark ages.  The evils of capitalism were held in check from the end of the Civil War to the End of the Second World War.  At that point the constraints were removed, with the last key fetter, regulation of media report requiring balanced reporting, being dismantled under Reagan.  At that point the production of ideas shifted to the right, and our citizens went from being moderately misinformed to being grossly so.  The forces of international corporations and their smaller allies have taken over not just our government, but all of those in the developed nations.  The media and politicians have bee bought.  Politicians are signing trade agreements orchestrated by the WTO, and the electorate—on a whole--has become complacent.  The masses in the industrialized countries see the world very differently than their grandfathers.     


A grossly misinformed electorate, entails that there is no democracy.  Democracy is based upon an informed electorate with each of the classes and groups within a society voting according to their best interests.  When they vote significantly contrary to their best interests, then this balancing of forces has—the foundation for a democracy—has been undercut.  This is the state of American democracy.




Tacitus, the best prose writer in Latin, said that all things evil come to Rome, meaning the Christians and other mystery religions from the East (including the conservative forms of Judaism). We lost a 1,600 to those zealots.  Science including medicine took until the mid 17th century for to rise to the leave of Roman/Greek science.  Recent documents, for example, have shown that Archimedes had developed incipient calculus—a developed which was born again in 1753.  The scientific approach to medicine didn’t significantly compete with herbalist until the 17th century; and chemist were alchemists.    

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I have repeated commented about the link between neocons, the WTO, and the effects of globalization.  Among the effects is the ability to over ride national interest, labor laws, environmental laws, public services through decisions made by the WTO and empowered through trade sanctions and fines.  It is the power of finance that has created them as the shadow government.  Watch The Money Masters at