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A skeptical look at the attempts to make the world much stranger than it is.  In all of these topics a spiritual energy is an essential element of the non-scientific explanation.


 The first 4 articles go to the foundation of spiritualism:  they show as unnecessary the hypothesis of a spiritual--thought causing--entity as part of man's substance. The articles explain the causes for the illusion of incoporeal mind.



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For table of all religious works, divided into categories:  A great aid

Abdul Karwein (a native born German)



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Socialism as an economic system is logically superior to capitalism.  Without any  exposure to literature or social influences, I realized when 18 its inherent superiority.  This came to me while in deep contemplation one morning while laying upon the dining-room floor.  I was comparing in my brain a properly managed economy to our profit motivated system--jk.


Skepticism, noun, the philosophical doctrine that the truth of all things must be questioned according to the best principles of science, logic, and philosophy.  The result of this process of questioning is that each topic is given the degree of confidence that it deserves based upon the available evidence and reasonable conclusions drawn therefrom. 



For many topics the common herd have a suitable degree of confidence; others quite unsuitable.  Many of the articles on this family of websites are designed to reduce the disabuse error.  The articles listed below were selected for interest, style, and importance.

1.  That our federal legal closely adheres to the Bill of Rights and it sets the standard for modern jurisprudence.

 2.  That there is a Mohammed Whose life deeds have been recorded.

 3.  That there is JC A JC whose life deeds have been record.

 4.  That the constants in physics were carefully coordinated by a divine will so as to create this universe which is uniquely suited for sentient life.

 5.  That archaeology supports the biblical account of the Hebrew exodus from Egypt or their conquest of the Levant.

 6.  That Congress assiduously promotes the public-weal, or almost assiduously.

 7.  That the stock market makes an essential contribution, well worth its costs, to our economy.    

 8.  That socialism is inherently evil.

 9.  That the gods prefer the religious fools.

 10. That the whole Christian “enchilada” is good, and there are sound philosophical proofs for the existence of god.

 11. That the Old Testament is surprisingly modern and thus lacks borrowed primitive religious elements.

 12. That consciousness can only be explained in its totality by a ghost in the machine.

 13. That alternative medicine has curative properties.

 14.  That there is a paucity of reasons for rejecting modern religions.

 And there is a collection of terms and examples that aid the reader in the art of skeptical thinking, namely, works on science, philosophy, and logic.  Others sites also serve an educational purpose, building a foundation of knowledge.  It is through knowledge and reason that we become skeptics concerning certain beliefs of others.  There are collections of articles and literary works including some of my rhymed poems, a short story by me, ancient religious works not canonized, cartoons, medical information, medical quackery, cancer & tobacco, women’s medical issues, spiritualism, literary works of noted writers critical of religion, work of noted thinkers on religion, utilitarianism, biographical notes, and articles on the ancient Greek world.  Visit the TABLE OF CONTENTS with links


Prana energy points



Hocus Focus is one of those rare products of journalism that I wish I could have produced.  In style, in content, in unity, and in theme it stands a paradigm of perfection.  It is good reading. 


The Creationist's Failed Examples Against Evolution is another example of concerned scientists setting the record straight (go to my Medical and Quackery site for more examples).  There should be no need for this, for by answering their charges it gives them a respectability they dont merit.  However, because so many American believe in the creation myth, there are also many who have, unlike them, not abrogated the title of rational and truly want to know what is the scientific reply.  For them I publish this article from the June issue 2002 of Scientific American, one of the 3 best science journals in the world (the other 2 being Nature and Science). 


The Third article, Quantum Quackery, is by a physicists who has labored long to rebut the abuse of physics in the name of religion and spiritualism.  The science of physics does not support a spiritual realm.  Professor Strengers other article published by me shows that the constants in physics are not so balanced as to prove show that a watchmaker was at work (the other, click on to Enlightenment). 


Next is by James Randi, a magician, who received the McArthur award for Genus, has properly translated the ancient French of Nostradamus so as to reveal the concerns of his day, rather than the concerns of today as found in the translations of those with a New Age agenda. 


Homeopathy is so bad that one must be given to spiritualism in order to believe the tenets of its theory.  The analysis thereof, which I have chosen to publish, is another example of crisp thinking.


The illusion of the ghost in the machine:  the bedrock upon which dualis is founded.  The cause of this illusion is described.


Biofield theory:  Physics contra Spiritual Energy:  a physcist describes the most popular ways an etheral force has been  used to promote health.  He then rebutts there claim that Physics has discovered such a force. 


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QuackWatch, guide to health fraud by Dr. Stephen Barrett


http://www.worstpills.org/:  Part of the Nader network of Public Citizen


http://skepdic.com:  Contains The Skeptic Dictionary by Robert Carroll, over 460 first rate articles on all the topics of interest to a skeptic


http://skeptic.com/ the site of California’s leading skeptic organization and publication Skeptic Magazine


http://www.csicop.org/:  the largest and longest established organization promoting intelligent skepticism 


George Carlin on religion, his best, over 5 million views 6/09 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MeSSwKffj9o

Carlin from HBO on swearing to god and the bill of rights http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm-Mi1_lLo0

On the 10 commandments, only need 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkRYaMiP4K8

On war and U.S. hegemony, war is a lot of prick waving, mislabeled losing my religion.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH54dJeVb0A

The Truth About Drug Companies by Marcia Angell, MD.  Absolutely the best book on profits and drugs.  It reveals—without being technical and tedious—big PHARMAs bull shit, while at the same time revealing the workings of the profit system and its relationship to government—and it’s available on audio CD.  For chapter 6 of her book.

Spiritualism: the belief that the universe has two forms on spirit the other material, but distinguished from dualism by the degree is stress put upon the spiritual dimension, especially by those who hold to New Age Beliefs. The dualist is passive and philosophical, the spiritualist is out to convince others. This website is a rebuttal of their abuses of physical science, medical science, and philosophy.
OUTSTANDING SITES QuackWatch, guide to health fraud by Dr. Stephen Barrett http://www.worstpills.org/: Part of the Nader network of Public Citizen http://skepdic.com: Contains The Skeptic Dictionary by Robert Carroll, over 460 first rate articles on all the topics of interest to a skeptic #31 Health, medical science, drugs: an encyclopedic collection of articles on assorted medical & health issues. The best on the web. Science (evidence) based articles on all the major health issues including cancer, obesity, tobacco, back pain, ulcer & heart burn, dubious drugs and medical treatments, male & female hormone replacements, NSAID & aspirin, longevity, introns stem cells and other important basic medical science. Over 200 articles, plus a large collection of fascinating art.

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