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Critical of Capitalism

Socialism without efficient, humane administration sucks!

Boris Artzbasheff
Battleship, 1941

What IMF calls “shock therapy”, they’ve done it:   


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Fidel & Che during the Revolution


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Patrick Woodroffe

Occasionally I come across a book that is so good that I know that if I wrote on the same topic and didn’t have that book for a model, my work would be less—even if I labored for 2 years.  Two works come to mind, Letters from the Earth by Mark Twain and Leo Huberman’s The ABC of Socialism.

The vast majority of Americans do not believe that socialism could improve the quality of life for them.  This is found upon the constant barrage of sentiment by those who own the mass media, by the failure in the last 50 years of socialist states to continue their economic progress, and by the fact that some of those countries were both repressive in areas of political express and social choices.  This only reflects the incompetence of politician.  What would happen if the likes of Kerry and Bush managed our economy?  A political solution in which the best head government is needed before socialism can delivery what in theory it promises.


MC Escher

The critique by capitalists of socialism is one more very important thing to be skeptical about.  It is in the interests of the pigs that the workers believe that their best interest is severed by the pigs’ ownership of resources, of means of production, the media, and of financial institutions.  And they have formed a close alliance with government.  What do you believe???

Neoliberalism describes the policies adopted by the World Trade Organization (WTO).  These policies are supported by the Republican Party in and the Conservative party (England, called Tories) and to a lesser extent by the Democratic Party and Labor Party (England).  The influence of neoliberalism upon policy is a keystone to understanding British, European Union, and American governments’ economic policies (domestic & foreign), and also to understand the populist movements of Central and South America, which reject neoliberalism.  

Jesus Christ Mocked
Hieronymous Bosch





A).  American Justice, since 1976 the Supreme Court has dismantled the principle of jurisprudence found in our Bill of Rights.  Using the Court’s published rulings the faced of justice is exposed.  (1-12)


B).  The Most Powerful Lobby, an account of the functions of the American Round Table, a group of leading members from the business world who sit and advise government.  (104-1)


C).  How Congress Works, an account, using examples, that exposes the worsening malfeasance of Congress. (104-2)


D).  There Are No Free Lunches:  the Role of the Stock Market, an account of its true costs and exposes the myth that it is needed.  (2-18) 


E),  The War On Drugs:  Costs, a concise listing of the pernicious effects of the war on drugs.  (27-9)


G).  American Justice (poem), a concise, lyrical statement of what is wrong, including the lack of social justice.  (2-8)


H).  Jeremy Bentham:  His Life and Impact, an account of the person who most effected the course of political, social, and legal thinking and actions of Western Civilization.  (3-4)


I).  Utilitarian Ethics:  An Introductory Explanation, the ethical system used by Bentham and followers to measure the performance of government (and also personal actions).  (3-13)




There is an evil afoot, neoliberalism.  It is neither new nor liberal, but the organized effort of multinational corporations and international banks to increase their profits.  Through the WTO and IMF (their tools) they have set out a broad agenda and won support through bribes.  In the developed countries it is the dole given by the multinational corporations to the political parties and their candidates that are receptive to their programs.  In the third world it also includes loans to their governments which require implementation of their policies.  


Greed is greed, and what benefits one group lobbies for comes at the expense to society.  Our media has sold the public on the virtues of neoliberalism.  California Skeptics are publishing articles which show why you shouldn’t be sold on their policies.  The results speak of its failure.  Populace movements have with increasing political success rejected those policies.  Articles on the WTO and there opposition have been published by us.  For a pod cast, and articles by an organization connected with Ralph Nader.  


These policies have resulted in the out sourcing of jobs, the flood of tariff-free goods, the flood of undocumented workers, the reduction in the pay for skilled labor, the breaking of unions, the reduction of social services, the reduction of corporate taxes and the tax on the top 1%, and the financial burden and instability associated with a national debt that is 7% of our GDP.  There is an evil afoot, neoliberalism. 


There is an evil afoot:  corporatism has taken over government under the banner of NEOLIBERALISM




Must watch:

Parts of Europe (such ask Netherlands and Denmark) use small local electricity generation plants, which permits the use of the byproduct heat for heating.  In one example they use all he CO2 generated to supply 4,000 hectares of green houses.   The combined heating and energy production (CHP) is a proven technology.  British (BBC) documentary on this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klooRS-Jjyo&mode=related&search





Socialism as an economic system is logically superior to capitalism.  Without any  exposure to literature or social influences, I realized when 18 its inherent superiority.  This came to me while in deep contemplation one morning while laying upon the dining-room floor.  I was comparing in my brain a properly managed economy to our profit motivated system--jk.

Philosophy teaches the skills to see how the world ought to be.  Mathematics is the Queen for science, and logical analysis the Queen for skepticism.