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The overall theme of the family of sites is enlightenment through philosophy and its child science.  The methods of analysis developed by the Greek philosophers, which I apply as they had done, provides superior answer to numerous questions.  It is these answers which I have labored to present. 
This site is done in the spirit of Galen and Hippocrates.  By exposing the inferior, one promotes the better alternative. 





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Snow White administering HGH

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California Skeptics has an excellent collection of political cartoons and huge collection of links to sites with political cartoons and animation

We think that deceptions need to be debunked.  Help publicize this site.   We appreciate feedback.  Contact US

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Moreover, JK has something to say, and he likes saying it.  He has written several works of fiction in need of a publisher.  Can you help? 


California Skeptics motivation is clear thinking and minimization of harm, thus there is a section on the abuse of medical science by market-place pressures at medical crap. 

In 02 we started publishing articles which covered the significant cancer-preventive benefits of aspirin and warned about possible serious side affects of other NSAIDs.  Now VIOXX, Naproxin, and Celebrex have proven the warning accurate.  Over 100,000 people have died from those 3 and like drugs. Read about the disaster.  Moreover, as for stomach bleeding, a coated aspirin is as safe as the expensive alternatives. 



Your feedback is appreciated

We think that deceptions need to be debunked.  Moreover, JK has something to say, and he like saying it.  If you can assist him in getting the word out, publicizing this site, or further his literary hopes,  

then contact us

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What goes as holistic/naturalistic is so bad as not to beworthy of comment in a site that is dedicated to medical science.  Thus in with the essays on spiritualism, and Nostradum is one on homeopathy (go to spiritualism site).  The belief therein can only be classified as fundamentally religious.


Todd Schorr


Article after article here shows that alternative medicine is no medicine at all.  Sound medical information is readily available; yet for the average person, ineffectual treatments make up a large percentage of their medical budget.  There are four principle causes.  One, a lack of knowledge of basic health science:  knowledge exposes folly, without it alternative treatments appear sound.  Second,     the production of ideas:  the average person is exposed to several fold more media programming in support of quack treatments than to those with a scientific foundation.  And third, about 1/3rd of all people have a religious mind, one that produces fanciful ideas.  The same mind that believes that Christ had cast out demons, the world was recently created by Jehovah, and meditation produces an influx of psychic energies, this type of mind is prone to also observe phantom illnesses and their cure by alternative. Fourth, is the fact that doctors are good at spotting those with imaginary medical problems.  The skepticism of a medical practitioner offends those with phantom problems.  Often such people go to the far less critical provider of alternative medicines. 



The harm done is astronomical.  Wasting of time and funds by patients, misinformation occupying place in the brain where science should be, prolonging of illnesses, and in the case of my grandmother-in-law death, for a very curable cancer was first for 2 year treated with herbs.  And there is an army of quack practitioners:  their schools, their offices, and their labors all could, in a more perfect

world, be productively used.    



QuackWatch, guide to health fraud by Dr. Stephen Barrett


http://www.worstpills.org/:  Part of the Nader network of Public Citizen


http://skepdic.com:  Contains The Skeptic Dictionary by Robert Carroll, over 460 first rate articles on all the topics of interest to a skeptic



Quackery is a derogatory term that is defined as the "medical practice and advice based on observation and experience in ignorance of scientific findings. The dishonesty of a charlatan."[1]

A "quack" is "a fraudulent or ignorant pretender to medical skill. A person who pretends, professionally or publicly, to have skill, knowledge, or qualifications he or she does not possess; a charlatan."[2]

"Health fraud" is often used as a synonym for quackery, but this use can be problematic, since quackery can exist without fraud, a word which always implies deliberate deception.[3]

The word "quack" derives from "quacksalver," an archaic word originally of Dutch origin (spelled kwakzalver in contemporary Dutch), meaning "boaster who applies a salve."[4] The correct meaning of the german word "quacksalber" is "questionable salesperson (literal translation: quack salver)." In the Middle Ages the word quack itself meant "shouting. The quacksalvers sold their wares on the market shouting in a loud voice


#31 Health, medical science, drugs:  an encyclopedic collection of articles on assorted medical & health issues.   The best on the web.  Science (evidence) based articles on all the major health issues including cancer, obesity, tobacco, back pain, ulcer & heart burn, dubious drugs and medical treatments, male & female hormone replacements, NSAID & aspirin, longevity, introns stem cells and other important basic medical science.  Over 200 articles, plus a large collection of fascinating art.

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