WTO Trade Agreements Supersede U.S. Environmental Laws
Red Slime in fish products; Pink Slime in ground meats
Roundup, Monsanto's Scientific Fraud
Caspain Sea oil drilling blowout by BP, and others
Ever hundred years California's Mega Flood
BUSH's (neoconservatives) Environmental Record
Artic Melt Down--23% for 07-08
EPA libraries closed tight by Bush
Bush's Envioronmental Record
Gulf Stream flow down 30%
Protecting New Orleans--Scientific American
EU Energy Policies
No More Environmental Cleanups, Superfund is Dry
MERCURY EMISSIONS: environment & legislation
Environmental collapse of Easter Island--Jared Diamond
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More on government priority cartoons
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Organic Farming Comparison
Animal Feed Laws
Bush and the Endanger Species Act
Republicans stop toxic site clean up
Bush's Environmental Record--Al Franken
Pied Piper & Environmental Policy--Hightower
Death stats on first atomic energy experiments
Rabbits cruelly butchered, USDA regulation changed
Meat Consumption and Risk of Colorectal Cancer
LEAD SOLDER--environmental activitism at its worst


There are a number of alternative energy articles on our “oil” site (http://skeptically.org/oil/index.html), including Scientific American’s article on how use solar to supply over 50% of our energy needs, recent energy breakthroughs also from Scientific American, and one on how to get twice as much energy out of fossil fuel (European approach).



Bush’s (neocon’s) view of the environment is to permit big business to roll back laws which effect profits.  The latest move comes with the new budget which makes necessary the closing of the EPA libraries.  They closing of the data banks in 06 will cripple legal actions against violators.  Moreover, their plans include the laying off of staff; their work is to be replaced by contracts given to the very violators that the EPA investigates.   


Skeptics see both sides of issues, and thus often take a middle path.  There is much that is wrong with our political/economic system’s environmental record, and there are many instances where environmental organizations have wanted changes that are clearly not justified by the public weal.  

portion of much larger painting by Salivdor Dali

The questions is not “can they reason?” nor “can they talk?” but rather, “can they suffer?”

Jeremy Bentham


It isn’t that meat is evil, or that there are cosmic tears for the carnage of the meat farms, or that meat is particularly harmful to health, but rather that a sentient being would recognizes the relationship between the good-life (the concept thereof in Greek philosophy) would eat at most very, very little higher-animal flesh.   JK vacillates between no meats and very little.      


Corporate pig farm.   By eating them you are supporting this!



                                 A much different government, for those who pay the piper call the tunes.  The alliance with business has become more blatant as the awareness of the common people has shifted in their direction.  Business is about profits, and the environmental laws cost money.

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Neoliberals have coop democracy, and at the head of this is the financial community.  Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric, the system is about profits.  It aint the words or legislation, but actions which reveals the shadow government.  As Aristotle observed:  “A democracy exists whenever those who are free and poor are in sovereign control of the government:  an oligarchy when the control lies in the hands of the rich and better born.”

The greatest environmental hazard is the drugs we take, followed by the foods and liquids we consume, and then the air we breath.  For a site dedicated to setting the drug record staight go to http://healthfully.org/rc/index.html -- also developed by California Skeptics.  Remember not to trust the media of the corporate elite.



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People get the government that they deserve. Politicans such as Bush are elected because if the common person was in office, he would become another venal politican